How I successfully won an IP claim on Amazon within 24 hours

I have been selling on Amazon part time for well over a year now. It started off as a hobby initially to  rack up miles and points as I was buying inventory using credit cards and obviously paying them off in full each month to avoid interest charges. Definitely learned a lot of lessons over the past year on what works and what does not. I easily accumulated over 2 million miles/points (used them to fly some fancy airplane cabins and destinations for almost free) in the past year by both signing up for new credit cards as well as selling on Amazon utilizing credit card strategies some of which I discuss on my Facebook page Credit Card 101.

A big challenge with selling on Amazon for 3rd party sellers (3P) like myself is suspension and Amazon may suspend you from selling on their platform  for several reasons. One of the primary reasons a seller could be suspended is if a company files an Intellectual property (IP) Infringement claim which Amazon takes very very seriously. If suspended you cannot sell on Amazon and they may hold back  payments making the situation even worst. I received my first IP claim couple weeks back from a company called Channel BPO who claim they represent Dockers. Below is the transcript of the email I received from Amazon after this company filed IP claim against my business for a brand I sell.  I  almost had a mild-heart attack reading this email knowing what possible consequences could be.

Channel BPO 1

The company claimed I was selling “counterfeit items” which is absolutely false without any substantial evidence . I bought this brand of shoes “on” Amazon  “from” Amazon as the seller (Amazon to Amazon flip) and the chances of these being counterfeit are next to none as I am fairly confident Amazon  does a decent job of vetting vendors they purchase goods from.

A rule-of thumb is to respond to these inquiries within twenty four hours with a plan of action to Amazon and also contact the company as to why the complain was filed . I was agitated as they falsely claimed my products being “counterfeit” . I sent a friendly email to Channel BPO to first get more information and as to why they think my product is “counterfeit” along with purchase receipts  explaining them that these items were sourced from Amazon. The response was not too friendly and they even threatened a legal action against me if I did take my listings down. Definitely rubbed me the wrong way! I decided to call a lawyer “friend” of mine, explained him the situation and we drafted a plan of action to deal with this company with a stronger response as I chose not to be bullied (picture below).

Channel BPO 3

In my email (cc’ed to my lawyer) I asked them to  provide a proof that their company is actually hired by Dockers and OTBT to file  IP claims against e-commerce sellers. Second, on what basis did they claim to Amazon in the IP complaint that my products are counterfeit . I even brought up a fact in my email that  some companies that wrongfully file  IP claims are other 3P seller on Amazon who want to promote their own products and claim monopoly by having other sellers suspended. My email also asked them to retrieve the IP compliant from Amazon if they are unable to prove their claim that  products I sell are inauthentic. Now obviously if this email were directly from Dockers or OTBT I would have gladly taken down my listings and apologize but with a lack of proof  combined with a semi genuine website made me think if this company is even real. Within  hours of sending this email I received an email (picture below) from Amazon that the  ASIN had been reinstated and I am once again allowed to sell this brand on Amazon.

Channel BPO 4

It was 24 hours of whirl-winding experience and the thought of getting suspended had me extremely nervous but in end it ended well.

Couple quick thoughts – If you ever get an IP claim try to resolve it within the first 24 hours. You should send an email to Amazon Seller Evaluation team asap acknowledging the fact that you take this complain seriously and are addressing this matter in a timely fashion before Amazon thrown the suspension bomb on you. Next get in touch with the company who filed this complaint. Check them out – website, phone number, Better Business Bureau etc etc. do they look authentic? Are their any BBB complaints filed against them and ratings? If the company fails to respond to your emails send those copies over to Amazon stating lack of response. There is a good chance the ASIN may be reinstated if the company fails to respond within a certain time-frame.

I haven’t blogged in a while but have plans to do it more often in the future. I will be launching a whole new website in the next few weeks with lot of exciting stuff credit cards and rewards related. Also, if you are looking to learn trick and tips to maximize credit card benefits do check out my Facebook page Credit Card 101

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Easy 1500 United Miles when you join MyPoints

Mypoints.com will let you earn a maximum of 1500 United miles. You can earn a easy 500 United Miles for simply enrolling in the MyPoints program. You will need a United MileagePlus account so if you do not have one go to United.com and register to get a frequent flyer number. Also earn additional 1000 United Miles by shopping with any Mypoints partners such as Ebay, Groupon, Walmart and many more. According to the terms and conditions –

Earn an additional 1,000 MileagePlus bonus award miles when you make one or more qualifying purchase(s) totaling $25 in your first 30 days of membership”

Mypoints promo

MyPoints.com promotion

I registered yesterday and my 500 miles posted this morning surprisingly in less than 24 hours. 1500 miles may not sound that of a big deal but it may help cap off a future award ticket (Domestic starts at 12,500 miles one-way) or  help you keep your United Mileage account active as  miles  expire if there has been no activity in the past 18 months.

Mypoints United

Easy 500 miles just for signing up.

You can sign up for MyPoints.com and earn 1500 miles by following this link – MyPoints.comDo not forget to shop for $25 from qualified stores via MyPoints.com to get the bonus 1000 miles.

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Planning Vacation for Busy Professionals using miles and points

I have several folks who have subscribed to my Travel Coaching Service  and a lot of them are busy professionals such as Software Engineers, Scientists, Business Owners and more. Lets get it straight you could be a professional make a  good income but don’t you feel strapped with both budget and time  when it comes to taking vacation? I tell people for a quality vacation lets fix the money part first and time surprisingly always shows up. And weekend getaway does not have to be  a budget motel and eating food at a buffet restaurant.

JAL Check in

We are able to fly business class for almost pennies. This is before our JAL flight from Dallas-Tokyo for which I paid $100 per ticket and 55000 AA miles.

What Credits cards should busy professional sign-up for?

That’s a broad question and a lot depends on your personal travel goals. I’ve helped  doctors via my travel coaching program plan some fabulous getaways and listening to them made me realize they  work long-hours and  get time off typically when everything is expensive around Christmas, Spring breaks and summer vacations. I make them aware of different credit cards and how the bonuses work as most card require you to complete certain amount in minimum spend to attain the sign-up bonus.  Keep an eye for  limited time higher sign-up bonuses on credit cards and this is when you should jump on the offer as with several banks  especially American Express you can now earn the sign-up bonus once in lifetime.  However, other banks such as Citi and Chase allow you to earn sign-up bonuses on the same product more than once. Personally I signed up for the Chase British Airways Avios card in 2013 ago when they were offering a bonus offer of 100,000 British Airways Avios. I cancelled my British Airways card after 12 months and reapplied for it this year in January when similar offer of 100,000 (still active) popped up. Remember, I had to wait 18 months from the time of receiving bonus (and not cancellation) to qualify for  the bonus second time.

Its OK to have enough miles banked and use them at your disposal but remember award tickets are not always available at a short notice so best is to start early.


We stayed five nights at an all-inclusive hotel In Jamaica and total cost out of pocket was under $300.

Here is a rundown of some of my favorite credit cards for this month and the bonuses and benefits attached to them.

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred – 50,000 Bonus points after spending $4000 in three months. If you redeem these points via the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal they are valued at $625 but I see best value in transferring them to United and fly one way Business Class to Europe. You now increased the value of the same 50,000 points to almost $2000. This card has no annual fees first year and the second year is $95. The UR points can be transferred to several airlines such as United, Southwest, British Airways so you will always find some availability to your choice of destination. Th e points can also be transferred to hotel programs such as Hyatt and IHG.

I transferred my UR points to fly Business Class from Phi-Madrid

2. American Express SPG personal and Business Card – Both these card have an increases sign-up bonus of 35,000 points for a limited time and its the perfect time to get it as the bonus is at the highest its ever been. SPG points are really cool because you can use them to either stay at some fancy properties in Europe as what we did b staying at the Le Meridien Barcelona right in the heart of Las Ramblas. For a three night stay my out of  pocket expense was just a $100 which otherwise would have easily costed me $1000.


SPG points can also be transferred to other airlines and for every 20,000 SPG points you transfer you will earn 25,000 airline miles which is an amazing value.

3. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard – This is a very unique card. You will earn 40,000 bonus miles after spending $3000 in three months. Now the 40,000 miles are neither airlines miles or hotel points but they are what I call “flexible currency” or simply cash that can be redeemed for any sort of travel expense such as hotels, airline fees, baggage charges and many more. This is really awesome because even when you use miles and points to purchase airline tickets you still have to pay taxes but if the taxes are charged to this card you can redeem it as a travel expense. Also this card is great especially for last minute travel when you are unable to find miles and points redemption available. This card earn you 2X on all purchases everywhere plus you get 120 days to redeem a travel charge which is a a nice feature.

Capital one has the Venture Rewards card very similar to Barclay Arrival World Elite Mastercard so if a couple applies for both  the Barclay Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard and the Capital one Venture card they will earn almost $2000 in anyways travel money which is huge. Neither cards charge an annual fees the first year. I highly recommend this card for spontaneous vacation or to negate taxes and fees.


At Ferrari World Abu Dabhi

Next Steps?

Well if you are busy then you should definitely consider enrolling in my Travel Coaching program for a small fees to learn insights of the reward programs. We will discuss a game-plan to get you to your next destination for almost pennies. This way you would not have to spend countless hours figuring out everything yourself and remember things change so fast in the world of miles and points and getting the right information is the key to save thousands of dollars.

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Wyndham 1 million points promotion

Wyndham launched a promotion where you can participate and earn up-to 1 million Wyndham reward points.  Here is the direct link to the promotion – LINK

The competition is about answering multiple choice questions about each “Have points Will Travel Episode“. I think it is a fun competition to participate in if you have few minutes to spare. Here are the full terms and conditions –

No purchase or payment necessary. Sweepstakes begins 12:00:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on Thursday March 31, 2016. Open to legal residents of the United States, including the District of Columbia, and Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec) who are at least 18 years old at the time of entry. One (1) randomly selected winner will be awarded 1,000,000 Wyndham Rewards points, Approximate Retail Value (ARV): $10,000 (USD). Odds of winning depend on number of entries received. Winner must be or become a Wyndham Rewards member in order to receive prize

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Fly to South Africa then to Europe for $385

Via Secretflying.com you can fly off from several cities in the USA such as Dallas, NYC, Philadelphia and more to Johannesburg, South Africa and later over to Warsaw, Poland for a super cheap fare. Th example here from Google Flightsshows flight out of Dallas to be around $385. Other cities such as NYC and Philadelphia are pricing out ~$550 but play around with the dates and you may be able to get lower fares.

Qatar SA Europe

Availability from November 2016 to January 2017

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Secret way to earn Fast track to Hilton Gold status

Hilton has a four tier Loyalty program where members start from a blue (basic) followed by silver, Gold and the top most level is Diamond where each level is earned with more stays and nights in a calendar year. Blue and Silver are very basic and hardly get you any good benefits. Gold and Diamond benefits get you Early Check-in, late checkout, Free Breakfast (savings can be huge here) additional bonus Hilton points for each stay (25% Bonus for Gold and 50% for Diamond) and access to executive floor lounge in Hilton properties when available which gets you free drinks, snacks and meals throughout the day.

To achieve or retain HHonors Gold status, you need to earn either:
(1) 20 stays in a calendar year, or
(2) 40 nights in a calendar year, or
(3) 75,000 HHonors Base Points in a calendar year

Another way to earn Hilton status is by applying for the Citi Hilton Reserve card which comes with two free nights at any Hilton Worldwide plus gold status as long as you have the card. The annual fees on this card is $95 (not waived)

You can learn about all the benefits of various levels here 

Well I guess unless you travel a lot on work attaining these many stays and nights could be challenging. I will share with you a secret way to earn Hilton Gold status with just four stays

Secret Hilton

Make sure you are already registered with Hilton and have an HHonors number. Next go to this website –  HHonors.com/amexta

Enter you Hilton HHonors number and password and click on Enroll now. That’s it make sure you complete 4 stays at any Hilton properties in the next 90 days to quickly earn the gold status and enjoy some amazing benefits.

The website says this offer is only for American Express business travelers but looks like anyone can register and participate in the promo.



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Eating Ice Cream Sundae at 30,000 Ft and my review of Delta Business Class Rome-Atlanta ; Act Fast – Round trip to Europe visiting two cities for $449

1. Eating Ice Cream Sundae at 30,000 ft

I recently returned from an Amazing trip to Asia visiting Japan and India. Our family flew business class for most of the 11 flights we took between various countries and also within India. Lookout for a separate post in the next few days on how I booked business and first class tickets on Airlines such as Delta and Etihad for a few odd dollars  saving more than $20000.00  which I would have otherwise never paid!!! Below are some highlights from India and Japan


On my way back to the US I flew business class from Mumbai-Abu Dhabi and you will see my review of the flight and the Free Mercedes E-class pick-up coming up on the blog here shortly. My next sector was Abu Dhabi-Rome-Atlanta-Richmond that I booked using 70,000 Delta miles and $29. There are many ways to earn Delta Miles such as signing up for the American Express Delta Credit card or several of the American Express credit cards such as the Gold and the platinum cards which earn you membership rewards points which can later be transferred to Delta and many more partners. If not sure what card to signup for you can take advantage of my free 15-minute credit card consultation over skype by simply filling  the contact form or leaving a comment below.

I had more than 30 hours journey time including layover. Thankfully to the free priority club lounge access I earned from the CNB Crystal Visa Credit card I enjoyed free meals and showers at the airport away from the masses. There is not much to talk about the AlItalia flight from Abu Dhabi-Rome so let’s get to the fun part of the journey – Business class flight from Rome-Atlanta on Delta Airlines. Each seat has a massaging option

The food selection was very good. I chose chicken for my main-course. It’s a unique experience to have a five-course meal at 30,000 ft and everyone should definitely experience it especially when it could cost you $50 or less. I was blown away by the ice cream sundae cart. You could choose from all sort of sauces and toppings. I ended up having the ice sundae with nice and warm banana pudding. The flight was 11 hours long and I left the airplane so fresh unlike my previous journeys in economy aka “cattle class”.

2. Round trip to Europe visiting two cities for $449

Via theflightdeal.com you can fly Icelanair to visit both London and Reyjavik from Washington DC and back. The flight is to London with a free stop-over in Iceland. It is Valid for travel from March 25th – May 17th. Must purchase at least 1 day in advance of departure

The website covers detail on how to book tickets using Iceland Air

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How I booked Three Business Class tickets to Japan & India for just $150


Lets get to the bottom-line. I booked three one-way business class tickets to Japan and on wards to India for a total of $150 (snapshot below of my wife’s CC bill shows three tickets purchased for $48.20 each) while using 70,000 American Airlines miles each way .

Screenshot 2016-01-10 at 2.43.21 PM

$48.20 for each Business class ticket from USA to Japan and onward to India

The tickets usually sell retail at $4000 + each (snapshot below) so this was a great way to redeem miles and simply fly business class on an Amazing Japan Airlines product for just $50 a pop. Guess what at that price my 20 month old son had his own seat!!

Screenshot 2016-01-10 at 2.51.23 PM

JAL Check in

Getting Spoiled at a young age

We thoroughly enjoyed the business class experience from the complimentary lounge access to the amazing food and staff of JAL airlines.

How can anyone do it?

That’s right anyone can do this kind of luxurious travel while paying pennies. I signed up for the AA executive credit card last year when the bonus was 100K AA miles. Citi at that time allowed multiple approval in span of 60 days for the same product and I quickly amassed a huge stash of AA miles (half a million to be precise). I offer free credit card consultation to anyone who is interested in traveling around the world for pennies like we’ve been now doing it for a long time. Feel Free to contact me over the website or by leaving a message below.

Fun In Japan

We stayed at the Hilton Narita Airport Hotel which has a free shuttle pick-up from the Airport every 30 minutes and transfer was very smooth. I used a total of 16000 Hilton points and ~9000 JPY (~$80 USD) total for a two night stay. You can sign-up for the Citi Hilton credit card to earn 60K Hilton points and a free silver status, although I recommend waiting to apply when the sign-up bonus is 80K.

Hilton stay

Zane loving hot dinner at the Hilton Narita after a long flight

We had free breakfast at Hilton due to Diamond Status with Hilton saving us several hundred dollars in meal expenses especially in a city like Tokyo were things can get expensive.

Hilton Bfast

My Hilton Diamond Status gets me free breakfast at Hilton’s worldwide

I booked a 6 hour  private Tokyo city tour  for USD $250 using the website toursbylocals.com and our tour guide Izumi was excellent and very friendly. I charged the $250 on my Capital one venture Credit card and was able to claim all of it as a Travel Credit. Capital One venture card comes with a sign-up bonus of 40,000 Reward points which is good towards $400 in Travel related expenses and you earn 2X points on all purchases.


I am in absolute love with Japanese food and culture. Tokyo s very well connected via the subway system  and its very easy to around. The people are so friendly and humble. We visited the Meiji Shrine, Sensoji Temple and a bunch of shopping district for one-day we were there. Street food is inexpensive and extremely delicious.


We had an amazing family trip to Japan flying Business class in Japan Airlines and staying at a nice hotel while paying pennies. I’d love to get you started on your travel journey and travel around the world as several of my friends, family and clients have been able to do it. Shoot me an email to get you started for an absolutely free consultation.


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Check your email for $25 in Free Amazon Appstore credit

I received an email this morning from Amazon stating I have $25 to spend in Amazon Appstore. This may be useful for some who are not into downloading apps from not so legal websites.


amazon app credit

Let me know if you received a similar email and any recommendations on apps I should purchase?

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Amex Offers – Dunkin Donuts,Delivery.com,

Logged into my Amex account and saw some good offer –

  • Dunkin Donuts – $5 back on $10
  • Delivery.com – $5 back on $25
  • Orchard Hardware Supply – $10 back on$50
  • EBags.com – $10 back on $50

There are many more offers. Login and see what you have on your card. Also, make sure you check for offers for any authorized users on your card.



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