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About me

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Welcome to the blog. I am glad you stopped by!! By background I earned a Ph.D in Materials Science from University of Southern California (Go Trojans!) and work as a Research Scientist making cool chemicals .

However what really gets my juices flowing is earning miles and points to plan our next (almost free) vacation. By implementing various strategies and techniques I have collected almost 2 million points and miles in 2016 alone which I value over $60,000 . I have used these miles and points to fund our first  class class trips around the world for almost pennies. In the last two years we’ve taken first Class trips to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Dubai, India, Mexico to name a few. My three year old has been to over seven countries and flown over 50+ flights most of them in premium cabins . We’ve used credit card points and rewards startegies to not only travel but also experience things such as helicopter ride over the great barrier reef, visiting the 12 Apostles in Australia, visiting the largest indoor theme park in the world at Abu Dhabi, Scuba Diving and much much more.

Delta Business Class

Flying Delta Business Class from Rome- Atlanta paying $30 out of pocket! – 2016


Hobbiton Sets, New Zealand 2017 

Abu Dhabi Lounge

Free Access to lounges around the world by using credit cards. Lavish Buffet at Abu Dhabi Lounge and totally FREE!!!

Jap tour 7

Having a fabulous Family time in Japan – 2016

Etrihad merc

Complimentary Mercedes pick-up at Mumbai courtesy Etihad airways a benefit for all business and first class traveler

Camel Ride Rajasthan

Getting to our hotel suite via camel ride in Rajasthan, India

food japanj

Enjoying amazing Japanese Street Food in Tokyo

Jamaica fun

Secret Blue hole, Jamaica

I intent to share via my blog several techniques (credit card sign ups, manufactured spending, shopping portals, reselling on Amazon) to help others achieve their travel goals and also share our trip reports. .

JAL Business Class

Super Excited Flying Japan Airlines Business class by paying $100 out of pocket and redeeming American Airline miles

Cancun Portrait Photography at Secrets The Vine - Amit + Kinjal

Celebrating Baby moon in Cancun


Paris checked mark off the bucket list

How can I help you?

I started Around the World in Eighty Dollars with one simple goal in mind: to help everyone travel better and cheaper. I am an expert travel hacker who wants to help you travel travel to your dream destination and pay almost nothing. Honeymoon to Bora Bora? Two week dream trip to Hawaii? A week in Europe? I promise, this is attainable at prices you all can afford with the use of frequent flyer miles and other simple strategies.  


Having fun with wifey in Europe

Travel Coaching

Check out our Facebook page Credit Card 101 for the latest and greatest on Credit Cards, rewards and other exciting news

With my wealth of knowledge on the intricacies of frequent flyer, hotel and credit cards programs,  I will create a customized plan to help you start earning the right points and miles towards that next big trip of yours. Whether you want to fly business class to Asia, stay in a 5 star hotel in Paris or simply visit the grandparents in Cali, I will create you a custom action plan to get you there for almost nothing.

Once you have accumulated enough miles or points, I will then maximize the potential of your miles and points & help you book your dream vacation. Contact me by filling up the form to see how you can enroll in my Travel coaching program and get that much closer to your dream destination. I have helped dozens of people save thousands of dollars and you could be next!!


 Gothic Architecture in Europe

Lake Louise Banff

Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

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  1. Greg Fellows

    Hi Amit, I just found out about you from some Amazon sellers I know. I’m an Amazon seller and I spend at least &10,000 per month on my Wells Fargo cash back cards and want to learn which new cards I need to get. Let’s connect and talk about it. Thanks!


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