65,000 HawaiianMiles if you go Solar

I received an email from Hawaiian Airlines where you could earn 65,000 Hawaiian Airmiles when you purchase or lease a SunPower solar system. Here is the direct link to this offer – LINKI think this is a  good deal if you were thinking going Solar. There are other programs which offer Airline miles to go Solar but this offer is solid compare to others as 65,000 miles can easily get two people to Hawaii from mainland.

Screenshot 2015-08-27 at 10.46.48 PM

Fine Print – 

This program offer is only available for new, first-time SunPower customers. This offer cannot be applied to existing SunPower proposals or past SunPower purchases, or combined with other offers. This offer must be presented at the time of inquiry, before a SunPower proposal for your home is generated; so, please be sure to notify your SunPower installer that you may qualify for this offer during your free solar evaluation. This special rebate subject to the terms and conditions listed here.

Savings achieved and return on investment depend upon a number of factors that vary according to each customer’s particular circumstances. Without limitation, these factors include: equipment used, system size, system orientation and shading, insolation available, and applicable utility rates and rate structure, as well as customer’s eligibility for rebates, incentives, and net-metering or similar programs (the availability of which may differ for each customer). Therefore, each customer’s experience will vary, and the descriptions above may not represent the average customer’s experience.

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