Nepal Earthquake Donation Via United Airlines

United Airlines has partnered with Redcross to raise money for Nepal Earthquake, one of the worst natural disasters we’ve seen in the past decade. Several thousands are dead and several others stranded without food and shelter. You can join the cause of raising money via United Airlines. So far almost $700,000 has been raised and United Airlines will provide $50,000 in matching donations which will come a long way to help the beautiful country of Nepal to restore some normality and provide basic necessity such as food and shelter. This video shows  the extent of damage but

As with other similar disasters, certain airlines have started to offer mileage incentives to their customers who donate money to support relief efforts.  I know that getting something in exchange for a charitable donation can elicit a wide variety of responses, but if some miles are the incentive that it takes for someone to donate then I think it is a great move.

nepal united

Below in an excerpt from the email I received from United –

Donate $50 – $99 and receive 250 bonus miles

Donate $100 – $249 and receive 500 bonus miles

Donate more than $250 and receive 1,000 bonus miles.

Up to 5 million bonus miles will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis based on contributions made through the airline’s fundraising page through 11:59 PM CDT on May 15, 2015.

I think its a great cause and everyone should do their part in helping out.

You can donate by visiting here

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