How to park cheap and NOT pay outrageous Airport parking cost?


Are you tired of paying $10, $15 or even $20 per day in airport parking costs while traveling? is it frustrating driving around an airport lot looking for a parking spot when you have a flight to board in the next hour? Today, I will share with you a parking service called Just Park that could save you some serious dough, time and frustration!!

Airport parking is never fun

What is Just Park?

Here is an excerpt from Just Park’s website “JustPark is Europe’s leading provider of pre-bookable parking. The idea is brutally simple: we connect drivers in search of parking with anyone who has a space going spare, whether in a car park, private driveway, church, school, or pub.” Although the website indicates its a European company but they service most cities in North America.

How to Book using Just Park?

You will first need to register and create an account. You may use my affiliate link to sign-up and once you create an account Just Park will also let you refer others and earn bonuses up to £500. destination

We are traveling to UAE (Dubai) from April 2nd to April 9th and our outbound flight is from IAD  airport in Dulles, VA. So I performed a random search for parking spots around Dulles International Airport. Below are the results –


You can easily sort the results via price, distance from airport, rank, rating etc etc…To give you an comparison on savings below is a snapshot of parking cost at Dulles Airport @17/day. A week of parking at Dulles Airport will cost me $17×7 = $119 compare to $5×7 =$35 using Just Park saving me almost $84. 

dulles parking cost

A potential drawback using Just Park is that you  still have to figure out a ride back and forth from the parking spot to the airport which may not be convenient to everyone so do your Maths. You can always use UBER  as there are always plenty of drivers around the airport area and the rates are cheaper than regular taxi. If you do not have a UBER account you can sign-up my referral link and earn $20 credit on your next ride. Also, some people may be concerned with the safety of their car but you can always read the reviews before making a reservation.


Just Park service makes sense when you have to park your car for longer periods (a week or more). The cost of parking is definitely cheaper than airport garages but you still have to figure out a ride back and forth from the airport which may not make be convenient for everyone. I plan to use Just Park service to park my car at a location close to Dulles Airport for our upcoming trip to UAE as the savings make complete sense. You can sign-up for Just Park Service here.

Have you used the app before? What has been your experience using off-location parking lots?

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